Domestic Adoption

Generations Adoptions merged with Nightlight Christian Adoptions on January 1, 2017. Hear more about this merge on our blog and visit us on our Nightlight website for current information on our Domestic Adoption program for Texas families.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions places newborns with married couples and some single individuals. Occasionally a birthparent will choose to place an older child for adoption. Learn more here.

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Domestic Adoption

Types of Adoption Plans

We work with expectant mothers as they make a plan for their child’s future. When the expectant mother chooses adoption, she is offered the opportunity to view profiles of approved and waiting families. The expectant mother chooses the family. Staff at Nightlight Christian Adoptions then help arrange, and facilitate, this meeting so they can get to know one another. Once chosen, the expectant mother and adoptive parents together determine the details of their own adoptive plan, facilitated by their Pregnancy Counselor.

Prospective adoptive parents have many questions, concerns, and fears about adoption. This is normal and we understand. We are here to help each step of the way. A lot has changed in adoption over the years, and today’s adoptions offer many benefits for adoptive families, birth families, and adoptive children. We provide personalized care for families.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions works with prospective adoptive families who are open to having an open adoption with the expectant mothers that God has for them. Prospective adoptive families with our agency will receive education, training, and preparation on the various forms that open adoption takes today. There are often misunderstandings about open adoption and many do not really have a clear understanding of what it is, and what it is not. Since open adoption can take many forms, it often looks different for each family. Open adoption will be addressed in detail at the orientation, as well as the adoptive parent training class. Today, the majority of expectant mothers are very educated on their choices in adoption, having done their research. They understand that they are able to choose the type of adoption plan they desire, and most want some level of an open adoption. In the vast majority of our adoptions, expectant mothers choose and meet the adoptive family, and then begin to develop a relationship consisting of some level of contact such as pictures, letters, blogs, visits, etc. We work with both birth and adoptive families to help them create a customized adoption plan that serves the best interest of the birth family, child, and adoptive family. Types and frequency of contacts vary from relationship to relationship.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions  facilitates the creation of a written informal “agreement – from heart to heart” between the expectant mother and adoptive family. This agreement helps in managing expectations and setting boundaries from the beginning. We are available throughout the adoption process, and afterwards, for all involved in the adoption. We look forward to assisting each family in the adoption journey that God has for them.