Volunteers are Important!

At Generations Adoptions, a division of Nightlight Christian Adoptions, there are a great variety of ways to volunteer or intern. Just a few of the volunteer opportunities are listed below:

  • Volunteer internship positions may be available for college students enrolled in social work, child and family studies, public relations, religion, etc.
  • Local Events volunteers – plans events in Waco including our Hope Gala, Family Fun Day for adoptive families/community, and adoption fairs. We are always looking for people to help.
  • Office Volunteers – projects at our Waco office including creating powerpoints, mailing projects, preparing packets of materials, running errands, scrapbooking, helping prepare for booths, etc.
  • Material Resource Coordinators to work in our supply closet organizing donations, gala supplies, and birthmom resources.
  • Medical Advisors to teach 30 minutes at a new adoptive parents class 1-3 times a year in Waco.
  • Volunteers to assist Director with Marketing, Graphic Design, Video Editing, fundraising, etc.
  • Church Liaisons – be the contact at your church for Generations Adoptions.
  • Baking and Cooking occasionally for classes, trainings, or special events.
  • Foster Parents in Waco for newborns (2 days – 60 days) – training provided and required by State; One parent must stay at home with the child full time.
  • Join our Adoption Panels – those who have placed for adoption; are adopted; or have adopted a child. Adoptive parents must have adopted from Generations.
  • Volunteer from home: occasionally a mailing project can be done from home.
  • Speak – a) on the ministry with your church, small or large groups, or represent Generations at booths in your area; b) teach youth or school groups in your area the “ADOPT: The Option” curriculum in your area.

THERE IS A PLACE FOR YOU! Call 254-741-1633, or email: erin.wheeler@nightlight.org.

Volunteer Application | Intern Application

Because our agency was founded on a strong Christian foundation all applicants, volunteers, or interns, are asked to share our basic Christian Statement of Faith.