Domestic Adoption FAQ’s

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What are the qualifications for adoptive couples?

Qualified couples will be single or married at least two years and be between the ages of 25 – 45 years of age. See the Nightlight adoption information page for more details on other eligibility requirements.

Our office specifically serves prospective adoptive families residing in the State of Texas, however Nightlight Christian Adoptions works with families in other states. Please contact our office to be connected to staff located in your state of residence.

What races are the children available for adoption?

Nightlight Christian Adoptions has placed Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, and biracial infants.

How long is the average wait for a child once a family is approved?

We cannot guarantee a placement nor the length of wait. However, we do purposely keep the pool of approved families large enough so that expectant mothers have a choice but small enough so that each family’s profile will be viewed regularly. Because adoptive families are chosen by expectant mothers, the wait is not able to be predicted. We have had some families wait as short as a month and our longest waiting family has waited over three years. The more open that a family is to races and health risks the more often the family’s profile may be shown to expectant mothers. Gender selection is not an option in our domestic infant program due to many factors surrounding the matching process. However, gender selection is possible in our international adoption programs.

Open vs. Closed Adoptions?

Nightlight Christian Adoptions works with prospective adoptive families who are open to having an open adoption with the expectant mother that God has for them. To learn more about what adoption looks like today take a look at The Continuum of Openness in Adoption.

Why should I choose Generations Adoptions?

If, after prayer, you and your spouse, feel that Nightlight Christian Adoptions is where God is directing you then you should choose to work with us. While a part of a larger agency, we strive to make our clients feel like they are a part of a family through our organization.

Paying for Adoption?

Nightlight Christian Adoptions strives to keep fees low. When you adopt you will also be eligible for a Federal Adoption Tax Credit after the adoption which helps offset agency fees. Please see our Funding your Adoption page for more ways you can raise funds to cover the cost of your adoption.

Please note that there are other avenues of adoption that do not include fees such as “foster to adopt” and adoption through the state. There are many children waiting in need of a loving family, so contact us today to learn more about these options.

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