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  • Child Welfare Information Gateway,, is a great resource for families in any stage of the adoption process as it provides publications and links on many adoption topics.
  • Focus on The Family, has been a supporter of the embryo adoption program at Nightlight Christian Adoptions since July 1999,
  • Hannah’s Prayer, a Christian support network for couples facing “fertility challenges”,
  • Clinic Success Rates – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), , is required by the Fertility Clinic Success Rate and Certification Act of 1992 to collect and report assisted reproductive technology (ART) clinic success rates. You can order copies of the report by calling the CDC at (770) 488-5372 or online at: Section 3 reports on the success rates with frozen embryos in comparison to “fresh” cycles.
  • ASRM – American Society for Reproductive Medicine –
  • RESOLVE – a national organization for the education and support of infertility
  • Tapestry Books,, devoted to selling books on adoption.
  • Adoptive Families Magazine,

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