BIG news from Generations Adoptions!

We have some exciting BIG news to share with you about some changes at Generations!

The last few years our Board and staff have been praying how to best serve our families, how to increase adoptions, decrease wait times, and ultimately see more children placed into loving families. At this same time, adoptions have declined significantly, both nationwide and across the state of Texas; regulations have increased; and costs have increased. Numerous agencies have actually closed. All agencies are affected by these challenges. Small agencies, like ours, can be especially vulnerable.

God has provided an amazing opportunity for us to join forces with another strong Christian agency.  Over the past few years we have had a partnership with Nightlight Christian Adoptions. We have now become an affiliate of Nightlight and ultimately, if all moves along as anticipated, will merge with them on January 1st.

Nightlight is a strong Christian, pro life, evangelistic, Hague Accredited agency with offices in 7 other states. They have international programs in 15 countries, and hundreds of profiles of waiting children in need of parents. I personally know both their previous long time President, Ron Stoddart, as well as their President, Dan Nehrbass. I have personally worked with the leadership at Nightlight for years and trust their hearts and have great respect for them. Our staff know their staff and are thrilled with this opportunity to better serve our families and see more children adopted!

We, at Generations, expectantly look forward to all God will do through this merger, and praise Him for the ways He is providing. Please know that the heart of Generations is not changing; instead, we have been given the opportunity to express our heart and purpose through more avenues and with more believers. What a joy to serve more birthmoms, more families, and more children!

Expansion of our services and impact:

  • Exposure to more birthmothers across the nation which often results in reduced wait times. We will be able to offer life affirming services to expectant mothers in 7 other states in addition to Texas:

California (corporate offices are here)            Colorado                                 Missouri

Georgia                                                                  South Carolina

Kentucky                                                               Oklahoma

In addition to our Domestic Infant program we now can offer to adoptive families:

  • The full service Snowflakes embryo adoption program
  • Placement programs in 15 countries including: Albania, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Ghana, Haiti, Hong Kong, India, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Nicaragua, Panama, Romania, Uganda, Ukraine
  • Waiting children – hundreds of profiles of waiting children are on the website,
  • Foster Care options (coming soon in phases to our state!)
  • ReNewed Hope (program placing children from disrupted adoptions into adoptive families)
  • Professional counseling services

What about my contact with Generations?

  • Same offices, same phones, same staff
  • We will answer our phones “Generations, a division of Nightlight Christian Adoptions”
  • Same personal relationships and contacts with our staff
  • Our current staff will remain*

*All of the current staff will remain the same except that my time as the Executive Director is coming to an end. As a new grandparent, it is a new season of life and I’m embracing it. Truthfully, I’ve been doing this a long time and I joke that it feels a bit like I’m an on-call OBGYN! I look forward to a slower pace!

I LOVE Generations and am THRILLED about the merger with Nightlight and support it 100%. My role is changing. I am fully committed to ensuring a smooth transition and helping the new E.D. (We have conducted a national search for the next E.D. and will be announcing the new E.D. soon.)  Through the transition I will be playing a much smaller behind-the-scenes role as the Licensed Child Placement Administrator, for a short time, since I hold these credentials, until the next E.D. obtains this license. And even when I am no longer on staff I will remain involved as an advisor and the BIGGEST fan of Generations!

And we are thankful for the generous support of each of our supporters. We are excited that our donors’ experience will Generations will remain the same! Your support will help us care for children, birthmoms, and families right here in Texas. We invite you to partner with the ministry of Generations where God is moving!

Together in Christ,

Cathy Sones, LCPAA, CPMS

Executive Director

P.S. Please follow us at Generations Adoptions on Facebook to see all the news and to be the first to know about the new E.D.

A word from the Founding Director, Cathy Sones:

A word from President of Nightlight Christian Adoptions, Daniel Nehrbass:

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