Services for Expectant Mothers

All services are free and confidential. Call or text us today at 254-227-9252.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions (formerly known as Generations Adoptions) provides:

  • Pregnancy Counseling.
  • Counseling with expectant and birth families.
  • Help in creating a personalized adoption plan, including choosing the level of openness, if desired, in your adoption.
  • Assistance with medical and legal expenses.
  • Assistance with living expenses, as allowed by law.
  • Assistance with housing options.
  • Emotional and spiritual support through counseling.
  • Help with finding the family you choose from approved and waiting Christian families.
  • Meetings with prospective families you choose.
  • Help in creating a customized hospital plan – a staff member will be available for you during this time.
  • Post-Adoption Services including updates on your child’s progress.
  • Post-Adoption Counseling for birthmothers.
  • Attorney coordinating all legal work surrounding the adoption.
  • Continued counseling and support after placement.
  • Committed and caring staff who travel to meet with you in your city.
Nightlight Christian Adoptions is a non-profit Christian adoption agency licensed by the State of Texas, providing permanent adoptive families for children in need, and counseling and support services for women throughout their pregnancy.