Home Study Services and Post-Adoption Services

Nightlight Christian Adoptions (formerly Generations Adoptions) provides embryo adoption home studies/Snowflakes Family Evaluations and post-adoption visits for families who reside in Texas. As a part of the home study services, you will receive education and training about the embryo adoption process, openness in adoption, and how to parent an adopted child


Home Study fees are as follows:

  • Application Fee: $500
  • Home Study and Education: $2000 plus mileage*
  • Post-Adoption Visit: $350 per visit plus mileage*

* mileage is charged at the IRS rate, if over 30 miles. Depending upon distance, lodging and/or meals may apply. When more than one visit is required for home study or post placement visits, some of the visits may take place at our office.

Please contact Beth Button at 859-263-9964 or [email protected] to get started!