Compassionate Choice for Building Families and Spreading Joy

The Gift of Life

For many couples experiencing infertility, the decision to pursue In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) often leads to a crucial decision – what to do with the remaining frozen embryos? Once the couple realizes the dream of building their family, they are left with a looming question.  This is where the esteemed Snowflakes® Embryo Adoption Program, curated by Nightlight Christian Adoptions, steps in, offering a profound opportunity to gift the miracle of life to another family.When families successfully navigate the complexities of IVF and welcome a child into their lives, there are often remaining frozen embryos in storage. The Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program provides a unique solution, allowing these families to donate their embryos for adoption to another carefully chosen couple. Picture the joy of knowing that the embryos you once cherished and offered you hope of a loving family could lead to the birth of another family’s adopted child, filling their lives with the warmth and love of a new family member.

A Lifeline for Those Longing to Be Parents

For couples grappling with the heartache of infertility, embryo adoption through Snowflakes emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a tangible solution to their dreams of parenthood. Prospective adoptive mothers must meet specific physical criteria, ensuring a secure and healthy pregnancy. This program extends a lifeline to those who may have faced challenges conceiving through traditional IVF treatments, providing them with a unique opportunity to experience the joys of raising a child.

The Ultimate Gift

Now that your family is complete consider the profound impact you can make by giving the ultimate gift to another couple currently navigating the trials of infertility. Snowflakes has a special focus on post-infertility patients who have successfully conceived through IVF and are now confronted with the decision of determining the future of their remaining embryos. This is your chance to pay forward the blessings you’ve received and make a lasting impact on another family’s life.

Why Choose Snowflakes?

The Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program stands out as a beacon of compassion and efficacy in the realm of embryo donation. Here are some compelling reasons to consider this life-affirming program

Experience and Legacy

With over 60 years of experience in building families and solving family problems, Nightlight Christian Adoptions pioneered embryo adoption in 1997 with the creation of the Snowflakes program. Their legacy includes over 1,000 babies born to adoptive parents through successful Snowflakes placements.

Empowering Choices

Snowflakes allows embryo donors to play an active role in choosing the adopting family. This unique aspect adds a personal touch, allowing you to select the family that will receive the embryos you place for adoption, fostering a meaningful connection between both families.

Inclusive Acceptance

Regardless of the length of time embryos have been stored, the number of embryos remaining, or family health history, Snowflakes accepts all embryos. This inclusive approach demonstrates a commitment to providing a solution for every family navigating the decision of embryo adoption.

Proven Success

Snowflakes have successfully matched all placing families with adopting families, ensuring that every donated embryo finds a loving home. The program’s track record speaks volumes about its dedication to positive outcomes for both donors and adoptive families.

Taking Action

The Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program invites you to be an integral part of this extraordinary journey. Will you choose to place your embryos for adoption and be a beacon of hope for another family? Your decision holds the power to transform lives, creating families and fostering the joy of parenthood where it may have seemed elusive.To explore further and take the next step, visit our website or reach out to us directly. Your choice can make a world of difference, turning the chapter of infertility into a story of hope, love, and the beautiful gift of life. Join us in making dreams come true, one Snowflake at a time.

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