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Embryo Adoption

Currently, we only work with prospective adoptive families residing in the State of Texas. Please note that we work with families from across the U.S. in our international programs.

Prospective adoptive parents have many questions, concerns, and fears about adoption. This is normal and we understand. We are here to help each step of the way. A lot has changed in adoption over the years, and today’s adoptions offer many benefits for adoptive families, genetic families, and adoptive children. Generations provides personalized care for families.

Prospective adoptive families at Generations will receive education, training, and preparation on the various forms that openness in adoption takes today. There are often misunderstandings about openness in adoption and many do not really have a clear understanding of what it is, and what it is not. We look forward to assisting each family in the adoption journey that God has for them. Generations requires an annual update with pictures for our office as well as for the genetic family. Some genetic parents prefer in-person visits, as well. Contact Erin to learn more about different openness options with genetic families.

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Generations Adoptions provides:

  • Education, adoption preparation, and support.
  • Home studies and post-birth supervision for adoptive families.
  • Ongoing counseling to assist with bonding, understanding genetic parent(s) grief, etc.
  • Assisting with adoption issues of the adoptive family, child, or siblings.


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