Generations Adoptions is proud to announce  adoption partnership opportunities in China and Hong Kong!

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The People’s Republic of China has a population of over 1.35 billion and is very diverse in landscape and culture. Its capital is located in Beijing and has several large cities, including Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou. While Hong Kong is a city located within China, they have separate political systems and therefore have different adoption procedures. The adoption rate in China has grown exponentially in recent years, due in part to the increased numbers of abandoned children. There are many children currently available for adoption that have moderate to severe special needs. These children are made available to approved agencies in China on waiting lists and we are searching for loving families to adopt these children.

We have partnered with Nightlight Christian Adoption’s China and Hong Kong Waiting Child program to increase the recruitment for families in Texas for these children with special needs. Nightlight Christian Adoptions has been conducting adoptions since 1959 and working with China for over 15 years. Nightlight will facilitate your adoption placement as the Primary Agency and Generations will conduct your home study and post-adoption services. Nightlight is provided information on waiting children in the China and Hong Kong programs and makes those lists available to us for interested families.

Generations provides a caseworker to directly walk you through the beginning of the adoption process for China or Hong Kong, alongside the caseworker at Nightlight. This includes a comprehensive Orientation and direct assistance for preparing your dossier. For families in Texas, we will do your home study, so this allows you to work through your dossier preparation with a caseworker you have met face-to-face. After you have completed your dossier, your case will be transferred to a Family Advocate at Nightlight to guide you through traveling to China or Hong Kong and the placement of your adopted child. The fees for the China or Hong Kong process will be exactly the same, whether you adopt from Nightlight directly or through our partnership with them.

You can learn more about Nightlight’s China and Hong Kong programs on their website.


China – China’s eligibility requirements state that only married, heterosexual couples or single heterosexual women may adopt. Both husband and wife must be between ages of 30 and 55 (singles up to 50 years old) at the time the dossier goes to China, and couples must have been married at least 2 years. (If either husband or wife has been previously divorced, they must be married at least 5 years at the time the dossier arrives in China.) Additionally, applicants must be physically and mentally healthy (neither applicant is taking psychotropic drugs; neither applicant has a Body Mass Index of 40 or above; neither applicant has a history of cancer). Financially, the family’s net assets must be over $80,000 (100,000 for singles), with a minimum salary of $10,000 per family member, including the child to be adopted (minimum of $30,000 in cases of childless families). Applicants must have at least a high school diploma. Neither applicant may have a criminal record. CCCWA is somewhat flexible with families adopting children with special needs, and if you find you do not meet one of the qualifications above, we can check whether CCCWA will make an exception in your case. Typically, these exceptions are given only after you have identified a child you would like to adopt.

Hong Kong – Hong Kong’s eligibility requirements include married couples must be at least 25 years of age and may not be more than 45 years older than the child they wish to adopt. Applicants must be married at least 3 years. When it is a second marriage, applicants must be married for at least 5 years. Applicants need to be in good physical health and have a stable income.

The Children

China – The children available through this program have moderate to severe special needs. Children may be 12 months to 13 years old.

The special needs these children have may include: Cleft lip and palate; Heart Conditions; Blood/Liver disorders (including Hepatitis, Thalassemia, Syphilis at birth; HIV/AIDS); Skeletal issues (including Club Feet, Missing or extra digits, missing limbs, scoliosis, etc); Vision and/or Hearing Impairments; Microtia; Skin conditions (including Albinism, Scars/Burns, Birthmarks/Hemangiomas/Nevus); Development Delays; Autism; Down Syndrome; Spina Bifida; Cerebral Palsy; Hydrocephalus; Epilepsy; Paralysis; Ambiguous Genitalia; Kidney conditions; Imperforate Anus; Anal Atresia; Digestive Issues; Tuberculosis; Healthy Older Children.

Hong Kong – The children available through this program have mild to severe special needs and may be 1-15 years old.

The special needs these children have may include: Down Syndrome; Autism spectrum; Developmental Delays; Learning Disabilities; Vision and/or Hearing Impairments; Heart Conditions; Healthy Older Children.

Travel to China and Hong Kong

Prospective adoptive applicants will travel only one time to China or Hong Kong.

China – Your expected stay in-country for the China program is 12-14 days.

Hong Kong – The expected stay for the Hong Kong program is approximately 7 days.

Nightlight’s China and Hong Kong Partnership Program Packet


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